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We buy all cars for cash in all over chicago and suburbs,
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Call us or fill our form with your vehicle details. We will give you the best quote for your car. Selling your junk car will be hassle free.

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Based on your cars condition, make, model & year we will give you the price. Usually our customers get $300 - $2000

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We offer one-day service in all over chicago, we offer our services in all suburbs. Uou'll get the cash for your junk car at the time of pickup.

Tell Us A Bit About Your Junk Car.

Tell us about your junk car, make model and year of the car, whether it is running or getting junk in the garage. Don’t forget to mention whether you have a title or not. Be sure to be as specific as possible with condition and details to get the best offer.

All you have to do is call us and describe your car. you can get up to $500-$5000 cash for your junk car. We always pat what we say on the telephone. Our quotation will be as much as accurate if you tell us very clearly about your car.

Get $500 Cash For Junk Cars.

We will evaluate your vehicle details and make you an instant offer. There is no force to accept our offer, it’s up to you. If you like our offer then only accept it. but we will only hold on to your offer and information for 2 weeks.

Junk cars’s income is depended on the price if the metal in the market. You can also fill our website form and get your offer within 30 min

Get Paid In Cash For Your Cars

you might be thinking that who will pay the cash. The pickup guy will give you the cash on the spot based on your vehicle analysis. whether you have a title or not it doesn’t matter. no worries we buy junk cars without the title.

Cash for junk Cars – Junk My Car INC is the only company in whole chicago who pays more cash for your junk cars.

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    Our Customers Feedback

    I junked my two cars with these guys, they gave what they promised me on phone. best junk car buyers in town. fully recommended.
    Howard Chavez​
    Very professional guys in the whole of Chicago. Fast and quick service. wrecked my car within a day and got extra cash for it.
    Lucas Elliot

    Top Cash For Junk Cars Chicago

    Getting max cash for your junk car was never easy, it’s always been a lot of struggle to junk a car. There have been days when you have to search for the auto wreckers on newspapers, but now in this era everything been soo feasible and easy. a question may arise here.

    who buys junk cars near me? as we said we are only one call away from you, call us or fill the form to get a callback. We will pick the car on the same day within a few hours after the call.

    We Buy Junk Cars Without Title

    Are you worried about your title? We buy junk cars without title. You’ll get the same offer even if you don’t have the title of your car. In the market, you’ll not get the best price if you don’t have your car title

    Junk My Car Chicago

    Chicago is a large and very busy city, people here don’t want to waste a day or two only for junking their car. Our company offers one call car junk service in Chicago and it’s suburbs, You don’t need to worry at all.

    We are just a call away from you. All you have to do is call us and tell the vehicle details and address, our executives will give you the quote on the phone.

    We offer $500+ cash for junk car, you can compare the offer with other providers in the whole of Chicago.  Our price and quality service makes us stand out of the crowd. There are no other junk car buyers in Chicago who offers $500-$5000 cash for your car.

    Things To Do Before Junk Your Car

    There are few things which you have to do before selling your junk car, Here’s is a checklist.

    • Check for the title. (cars which have title will get more cash by auto wreckers)
    • Is it running or not. (Anyways Cash For Junk Cars – Junk My car INC offers free towing)
    • Check for the music system, if its working removes it before selling your car.
    • Check-in whole car, backspace and the dashboards too. Most of the time people forget their precious things in drawers.
    • If the tyres are new you’ll get an extra price, but it’s better to sell the car with old tyres.

    The cash you get for your junk car is totally dependent on the steel market, cause after buying junk car what we do is, we sell the parts and body of the car.

    The most value we get is for steel, sometimes you get extra cash for your junk car.

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