Get Cash for Junk Cars in Chicago, Illinois, Quick and Easy

Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Junk My Car Inc. buys junk cars and pays cash for junk cars. We are top-rated and reliable scrap car buyers in Chicago. We offer top dollar for wrecked and junk cars. We are the only scrap car buyers who provide $500-$15000 cash for junk cars. Earn additional cash for junk cars by setting up an appointment with us. Our Junk car or Scrap car removal services are available throughout Chicago, Illinois.

Get an instant price quote for your junk car online. You can give us your junk car details by calling us at (773) 302-2002 or by filling in our form online. We will provide you our best offer after evaluating your car details. If you like the offer, you just need to accept it and sell away your junk car for cash. It’s that simple!

What do we buy?

We pay cash for junk cars which are worthless otherwise. Check the list below to know what junk vehicles we buy and pay cash on the spot!

  • We buy junk cars 
  • We buy scrap cars
  • We buy old and dilapidated cars
  • We buy junk cars of all makes
  • We buy junk cars of all models
  • We buy junk trucks and SUVs
  • We buy junk cars in Chicago and nearby areas
  • We buy wrecked cars
  • We buy old and used cars
  • We buy worthless cars

Steps in Selling Junk Cars

You don’t need to have prior selling experience to get cash for junk cars. If planning to sell your junk car, then follow the steps mentioned below. You can still earn additional cash for junk cars!

Here are the 3 simple steps to sell your junk car for cash.


Why choose Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Junk My Car Inc.

There are plenty of reasons why selling us your junk cars for cash is the most beneficial to you. Some of them are mentioned below,

1. We Provide the Best Price

We provide top dollar for junk cars in any condition. We will calculate the price for your junk car based on the details provided by you. We make sure to give you the best possible deal. Our price quote is unbeatable.

2.We Offer Fast Pick Up for Free

Once you accept our offer, we will schedule a pick up for your junk car and we will pay cash for junk cars on the spot at your convenient time. We will not charge you separately for picking up the junk car. We provide fast and free pick up for junk cars. Getting cash for junk cars in Chicago, Illinois has never been easier.

3.We Pay Fast Cash for Junk Cars

The price quoted will be paid after all the necessary steps in the selling process are completed. We hand over the cash ASAP! Our representative, who picks up your junk car, will pay cash on the spot. Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Junk My Car Inc. is the top-rated scrap car buyer in Chicago, Illinois. Our fast service and top dollar for junk cars are unbeatable.

4.We offer Transparent Services

We believe in transparency with our customers. We provide all the necessary information to the customers to maintain transparency. We will tell you the amount we will pay beforehand. Our customers place their trust in Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Junk My Car Inc. for our long history of good business and reliable service.

5.We are Junk Car buyers with the Best rating

We have the best customer rating for our services. We make sure to satisfy all our customers because we believe that a happy customer contributes to a flourishing business entity.

6.We always pay the Price Quoted 

Few scrap car buyers in Chicago scam the junk car seller by quoting a price for junk cars and paying less cash when they actually pick up the vehicle. At Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Junk My Car Inc., we believe in fair business. We will inform you of the amount payable right after examining the junk car. We will pay you top dollar for your junk car which is quoted in the beginning. 

7.We are well versed in the Junk Car Removal Industry

Our team of experts is always updated with all the necessary information related to the recycling of old automobiles. We are always informed about all the prices of scrap metal and other parts of the vehicles. Hence, we will provide the best possible cash for scrap cars’ worth. 

8.We offer Same Day Pick-up

Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Junk My Car Inc. provides same-day pick-up for junk cars in Chicago, Illinois. If you want your junk car gone quick and easy, fix an appointment with us and earn fast cash for junk cars in Chicago.

9.We Buy Junk Cars without Title

Generally, it is essential to have the Title to the car for selling it. In case you do not have the title, you can still get cash for junk cars. We buy junk cars without title and pay top dollar for junk cars.

10.We are flexible

You can either obtain your quote by filling our online form, or you can call our representative and give your details. We even schedule pick up whenever you want it. We will ensure to provide our services promptly at your convenience.

11.We offer Free Towing

Here is another advantage of selling us your junk cars for cash. We shall send our tow truck to bring the junk car at the scheduled time. When you sell your car to Cash For Junk Cars Chicago – Junk My Car Inc., you don’t need to pay for the towing service. It is completely free.

12.We are not Picky

We buy various kinds of junk cars for cash. You don’t need to prepare your car for selling. You don’t need to make any repairs to the car before selling it. You only need to sell us your junk car for cash. We will buy your junk car even if it is just a rusty piece of metal.

13.We opt for a Fast Selling Process

We offer a fast, simple, and hassle-free method of selling junk cars for cash. The entire process starting from getting a price quote to towing the junk car can be completed in less than two days. We take care of everything so the paperwork can be finished in just a few minutes. Then we will hand over the cash for junk cars. We have simplified the selling process to give the best experience at a fast pace.

14.We are available 7 days a week

Is your busy work schedule holding you back from doing other necessary things like getting rid of your junk cars for cash? 

Now sell your junk cars for cash on the go. We buy junk cars throughout the week. You can sell us your junk car for top dollar even on weekends. 

15.$500 cash for junk cars Guaranteed

We offer $500 cash for junk cars in Chicago, Illinois. We have the best offers for junk cars. No other scrap car buyer in Chicago will offer $500 cash for junk cars. When you make a deal with us you can earn $500-$5000 cash for junk cars, based on the condition of the car.