Have you ever shopped for old cars or used cars? If Yes, then you must have come across the “rebuilt title” label. Did you wonder what a rebuilt title is? And why is it common in the junk car industry?

A rebuilt title is the title given to a damaged car that has been repaired and inspected.

Here’s what you should know about cars with rebuilt titles:

Things To Look When Buying A Car With A Rebuilt Title

Is buying a rebuilt title car alright? You can easily get a quality car with a rebuilt title if you work diligently and do a little homework before buying the car. Here are a few key factors to look for before buying a car with a rebuilt title:

1. The type of damage the vehicle sustained

In case the car has sustained suspension damage or has been vandalized, you should look closely and try to resolve the issue. These damages are usually easy to repair.

At most times, Cash For Junk Cars – Junk My Car Inc recommend avoiding cars with fire or flood damage. A few key indicators that tell us that a car has flooded are moldy or wet upholstery or carpet, a musty odor, sand, mud, or leaves in the trunk and/or glove box, and the presence of moisture in the lights. All these indicators show that you should not buy a car.

2. Repairs by a certified mechanic

If the car was rebuilt and worked on by a certified mechanic, it’s highly likely that it will be in better condition than if someone repaired the car at home just to sell it. Proper documentation will help you identify the details of the mechanic who worked on the car, and any replacements made in the car.

3. Potential problems to look for when buying a rebuilt vehicle

Whenever you see large lines or dents with crunches or kinks in them, you should reconsider buying the car. You might also need to check if the airbag lights are malfunctioning. It is also possible that the airbag of the car was reinstalled incorrectly.

In case all these things look good, you should ensure that all doors as well as the hood and the trunk, open and close properly, without any large gaps. Usually, the paint of the car will match on all panels and if the paint is different by a shade or two, it is worth a closer look.

Sell A Car With A Rebuilt Title

A car with a rebuilt title involves several issues with inspecting and insuring the car. As a result, some buyers may be cautious about buying a car with a rebuilt title from you. Moreover, several dealerships will not accept a rebuilt car in on trade, so be careful of it if you choose to buy and then resell a car with a rebuilt title.

Mostly, you will need to sell the car with a rebuilt title to a private owner. Numerous car owners don’t see it as a problem, but selling a car with a rebuilt title can be more challenging.

Some Questions When Buying A Car With A Rebuilt Title

When buying a car with a rebuilt title, you should find out certain details about the car so that you don’t end up buying a load of junk. Some of the questions that you can ask the seller when buying a car with a rebuilt title include:

  • What types of damages that the car has sustained?
  • How was the car damaged?
  • Has the car been damaged in a fire or flood?
  • How substantial was the damage to the car?
  • Is there any documentation of repairs?
  • Who repaired the car?
  • What components of the car have been repaired?

FAQ'S About junk Cars With Rebuilt Titles

Definitely! Typically, a car with a rebuilt title will be sold at a discounted price from 20% to 40% lesser than a car with a clean title. The prices of cars with a rebuilt title vary based on the repairs and other vehicle appraisals.

A salvage title is given to a car by the insurer when the car is damaged beyond repair and the cost of repairs is not worthwhile.

A rebuilt title is given to a car with a salvage title that has been repaired and passed the inspection successfully.


The car should be written off as a total loss by an insurer and issued a salvage title even before the title of the car is shown as rebuilt. This title makes the car illegal to drive until a state official inspects it and upgrades its title to “rebuilt”. After the inspection, the title is upgraded as a rebuilt title which is presumed safe to drive.

Getting insurance for a car with a rebuilt title is possible but difficult and expensive. The automobile insurance companies do not offer coverage for cars with rebuilt titles and the ones that provide insurance do not need to offer the best rates for these cars they do for clean title cars.

You can easily sell a car with a rebuilt title, but the process can be tedious at times. Several hidden problems or other issues often arise with cars that have rebuilt titles. However, you can still sell us your car with a rebuilt title and get the maximum cash for it. Just call us at (708) 719-9909 or fill out our form here.


Do not forget that there are no guarantees when it comes to a rebuilt title -you may not get a good deal, but you may also get a great car for a good deal. You should do a little homework before purchasing a car with a rebuilt title.

If everything looks great, you can have a mechanic inspect your car for any hidden or potential problems. In case they sign off on the car, you can easily get a great deal on the car!

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