Cash for Junk Cars – Junk My Car is a top-notch place for selling junk cars in Chicago.Our routine cash offers range from $500-$15000 for junk cars. If you’re looking for a reliable buyer in Chicago to get some fast cash for their old, wrecked car, van, truck, or SUV.

We will buy your car even if it is not junk. If your car is in drivable condition, we will pay you up to $15,000 cash on the spot!

Call us now and get a free quote for your junk car.

Who Buy Junk Cars Chicago?

In Chicago, several junkyards and salvage yards will buy the junk car and you little cash for it after deducting the towing charges. Very few businesses offer reasonable cash for junk cars in any condition.

When you search on your favorite search engine such as Google for “who pays cash for junk cars”, you may find several buyers who would pay cash for junk cars or other junk vehicles. But that’s not where your search for the perfect buyer ends.

These buyers offer free pickup for junk cars and pay little money for them. Then they sell the same junk cars to other scrapyards like us and make more money.

If you’re looking to sell your junk car for the most cash, then Cash For Junk Cars – Junk My Car INC is the right place for you. You can easily skip the middlemen, save yourself the trouble of finding buyers who are willing to pay reasonable cash for junk cars, and contact us today. With us, you can easily get a no-obligation free quote, instantly.

Get The Most Cash For Junk Cars Chicago

Getting the most cash for junk cars chicago doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. When you find out what junk car buyers need and how to get the most cash for junk cars, you can easily save yourself from haggling.

Your old, junk car is worth a lot of money to several people, mostly salvage yards, auto recyclers, auto restoration experts, junk yards, and scrap metal buyers.

Avoid getting fooled into thinking your junk car, van, truck, or SUV is not worth some money. Believing that junk cars are not much money is considered one of the biggest mistakes of people who have not used our junk car removal before.

Getting the cash for junk cars near you, vans, trucks, or SUVs is pretty simple. All you need to do is just follow the three simple steps given below:

  • Call us at (708) 719-9909 or fill out your details here to get a free quote
  • Talk to us and schedule a pickup time for us to pick up your junk car, van, truck, or SUV
  • Enjoy the cold hard cash that we give you on the spot!

No Title , No Keys ? We Buy Junk Cars

No matter the condition or age of the car, we will buy it and give you some hard cash. We will pay you top cash for junk cars even if your car is nothing but an eyesore. We always pay top dollar for junk cars in any condition, any model.

Below are a few things you can look forward into when calling us to pick up your junk car:

  • Free pickup for junk cars
  • Free towing at any location in Chicago,IL & Nearby
  • No hidden fees
  • No additional cost
  • The top cash paid on the spot!

When you choose to sell your junk car to us, you can rest assured you are dealing with the most reliable and fast junk car removal business.

Whether you are wondering who pays for junk cars in Chicago or how to get the most money for junk cars in Chicago, we are here to help you. Stop thinking about how to sell junk cars for cash. We buy junk cars for cash and pay the top dollar for junk cars, in any condition, with or without a title.

How To Sell Your Junk Car

If you’re looking to get the most cash for junk cars, all you need to do is contact the nearest and most reliable junk car removal business – Cash For Junk Cars – Junk My Car INC.

We will remove the junk car from your property for free and give you hard cash in your hand with our fast, easy, hassle-free, and convenient process. Whether your junk car is completely wrecked, it doesn’t have a title or has fire damage, or it went through a flood, we will happily give the top cash offer. When you accept our cash offer, we will pay you cash on the spot!

Here are some types of vehicles we pay top cash for:

  • Junk trucks, vans, SUVs, cars
  • Junk cars with no title
  • Junk cars with no tires
  • Junk cars with no keys
  • Junk cars with no working engine
  • Junk cars that don’t start
  • Junk cars with water damage
  • Junk cars with fire damage
  • Junk cars with bad transmissions
  • Totaled or wrecked cars

If you want to sell a junk car or any vehicle that isn’t listed above, simply call and tell us about your vehicle. We will let you know how much cash we will pay for your junk car. We offer more cash than any other junk car removal business in the area.

At Cash For Junk Cars – Junk My Car INC, we never charge you a pickup fee or tow fee. Moreover, we do not charge any other additional or hidden fees. Apart from this, we make junk car selling easier through our 24 hours pick up or same-day pickup, and that’s free too!

We believe that car owners are entitled to every penny their junk is worth. For this reason, we never charge any hidden fees or pick-up fees. We do not charge any money for recycling the junk car or even for giving the initial quote. All this collectively ensures that you get the maximum payout without spending a penny.

Our primary goal is to take the junk car off your hands quickly and efficiently and pay you the most cash for it.